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Course focused on future Beekeepers and Meliponicultores

December and January are good months for bees. In January 2022 we will have our next workshop: “Course focused on future Beekeepers and Meliponicultores”. We will have the presence of biologists and experienced beekeepers and honey growers in the area. You shouldn’t miss it, it’s a great opportunity 🐝 More information:

The experience of staying in a sustainable hotel

An ecological or eco-friendly hotel is one that has an infrastructure and services that respect the environment that surrounds them. This applies to each of the elements that make it up: architecture, food and activities. One of the main pillars that Akumal Natura is set in, is respect and devotion to nature, proposing it as […]


Some people ask us about what our mission is at Akumal Natura Rescue. Our final goal is the release of animals to their natural environment after two previous phases, rehabilitation and reproduction. The authorities often give us animals that are not susceptible to release because they are injured and because they do not have the […]

Keeping your body, mind and spirit in balance!

We are opening the ceremonial center inside the Glamping and would love to connect with therapists, facilitators, and people to contribute and work with. We would love to host Cacao ceremonies, Breathwork sessions and workshops, ecstatic dances, sound healing, women circles, and all kinds of wellness and transformative events. Please reach out!