The bird Toh, royal indicator bird jungle health

Today this one appeared next to the shelter at Akumal Natura Rescue. My presence didn’t seem to bother him and he allowed himself to take the photo like a diva.

The first “Toh” or “Mot mot” birds are beginning to be seen (they are called that way because of the similarity to the sound they make when singing).
Or also “blue-browed motmot”
Spectacular and tropical lowland, found mainly in dry areas. It prefers the dry forest and its edges. It is one of the most illustrious motmots, especially in spring when it perches on wires and exposed branches along the side of the roads. Distinctive plumage, has turquoise eyebrows, turquoise blue wings, and large racketed tail. It forms nesting colonies in cenotes at some Mayan archaeological sites in the Yucatan peninsula. Their nests are holes dug into the slopes, like those of kingfishers.

Visit us and let yourself be amazed by this guide for adventurers, a pendulum-tailed bird and inhabitant of cenotes.