Akumal Glamping Services

At Akumal Natura Glamping, your comfort is our priority. We have a restaurant, Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, yoga lessons, parking, and cenotes within the glamping.

Cenotes (Yodzonot)

Cenotes are rock caverns naturally floated with crystal-clear water that radiates natural beauty and mystical essence.

Their formation dates back to the last Ice Age when the Yucatan Peninsula was still under sea level. When the sea level started descending, coral reefs were exposed, giving rise to a limestone floor. The limestone gradually filtered rainwater into caves and tunnels, which in turn formed underground rivers. As the limestone eroded and collapsed, it gave rise to the cenotes as we know them.

We are lucky to have tree swimming ready Cenotes within our facilities, accessible to everyone. An adventure that you cannot miss!


Experience our Temazcal ceremony, an ancient traditional sweat lodge ritual of the original inhabitants in all of Mexico. A shaman conducts the ceremony, who gives you a heating massage using scented sacred herbs. Traditionally locals perform temazcal to heal specific ailments and improve health. Renew in your next stay or ask for private ceremonies!

Ceremonial Center

Platform sheltered by the jungle, ideal for practicing activities aimed at the well-being of the body and soul, rituals, ceremonies, conferences, workshops, yoga, and meditations.

The main intention of this sanctuary is to provide a safe space for healing, wellness, peace, and happiness.

Access to the place is available for all of our guests. For those willing to organize any celebration, we offer the possibility to book the whole area for any ceremony, including weddings, meditation, or any other rituals.

Coworking Facilities

You can set your office in the middle of the jungle, organize meetings with your partners or clients surrounded by nature. After work, take a break and refresh your ideas with a quick swim in the cenote. We open our incredible workspace to the professional community so that you can fully develop your projects. We design plans per day, week, or month, including high-speed Wi-Fi, printer/scanner, coffee, unlimited tea or water, and restaurant service.

If you have any particular requirements to make it happen…

More Services of Akumal Natura

Free Bicycles

We provide free bicycles to all our guests, enjoy a beautiful ride by nature into the beach town of Akumal.

Free Wifi

Ou wifi installation provides free wifi in all the glamping tents, including the restaurant and common areas.

Mayan Massage

Enjoy and discover our mythical Mayan Massage from the hands of our local shaman.

Yoga Facilities

Our ceremonial area is a magical place to start the day with a sun salutation. Ask for a mat or a Yoga instructor at the reception desk.

Akumal Beach

Akumal Natura Glamping is 2km close to Akumal beach. A great place to swim with turtles in their natural habitat.


This new era requires a lot of creativity; we have all kinds of ideas for ceremonies, weddings, rituals, or encounters.

We do all kinds of celebrations, private events, and retreats!


We open our space as a form of closeness and communication.


We open our space as a form of closeness and communication.

Flower Power Celebration

We open our space as a form of closeness and communication.

Swim with turtles in Akumal Beach

Akumal beach is also well known for its fine sand beaches and transparent waters with an incredible coral reef.