Akumal Natura Rescue

Meet our commitment with nature, a wildlife preservation program with more then 80 animals were we help to rehabilitate, reproduce and reinsert local animals in collaboration with the local authorities

Akumal Natura’s mission

Our Animal Rescue Center collaborates with the local authorities to provide shelter for displaced native animals. Most animals were confiscated from illegal trade, abandoned by their previous owners once deemed unfit as pets. They are donated to us to provide them food, shelter, and healthcare with the help of our biologist’s collaborators.

Animals brought to our unit will be able to live in their natural environment, some in large enclosures and others in semi-captivity, depending on their behavior and ability to live in peace with the other animals in the center.

We identify the eligible animals and transfer them to a rehabilitation and reintroduction site, with the ultimate goal of being released into the wild.

Help our volunteers! Enjoy getting your hands dirty and help the animals. There is always plenty to do at our rescue. Sign Up today and collaborate in our rescue mission.

Cenote Tumben-Ha / Flora and Fauna

Want to visit the wildlife rescue center? We organize half-day visits to meet the animals and our ecological plan to collaborate with wildlife protection and contribute to our mission.

The experience lasts an approximate time of 4 hours and departs from Akumal Natura Glamping. We house more than 80 wild animals of 23 different species. During the tour, you can have a close encounter with some of them under the careful supervision of our guides, learn about pollination and the harmless stingless Melipona bee and taste its powerful and nutrient-rich honey.

Every animal brought to our Environmental Unit is placed in a rehabilitation, reproduction, and reinsertion program. The objective is to provide freedom to the wildlife with an excellent health condition back into their natural habitat.

We visit the Cenote Tumben-ha, a true oasis in the middle of the Mayan jungle during the tour. Cenotes were a symbol of life for Mayans; they are also home to turtles and iguanas, frogs, and butterflies.

At the end of the tour, immerse yourself in the clear water cenote, believed to have healing properties.

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