5 Restaurants to eat in Akumal

5 Restaurants to eat in Akumal

At Akumal Natura Glamping we put at your disposal everything you may need to spend a luxury vacation. From private rooms to our restaurant. But we are sure that you will also want to know the area, since you will fall in love with its landscape. And in addition, you will enjoy the gastronomy.

Akumal in Maya means Place of Turtles, it is a tourist destination that preserves an incredible natural beauty. For this reason, we suggest you enjoy five restaurants that offer outdoor dining with beautiful views.

1. Namaste Restaurant 

The Akumal Natura Glamping restaurant offers you a complete menu. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors overlooking the jungle. Chef Ingrid Francisco has designed an international menu for us, so that all tastes have a place. All the dishes are made with local products, which guarantees that they are 100% fresh. Of course, we have a vegetarian option. In addition, the chef can be asked to choose a menu according to certain options or food allergies.

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner, all you have to do is tell us. In addition, on Sundays we organize meetings to swim in the cenotes and consume special dishes while enjoying live music.

2. La buena Vida

It is a restaurant bar located on Half Moon Bat beach, north of Akumal. The music and the festive atmosphere are its main characteristics. They serve the food under the palapas, directly on the beach. So you can enjoy a fresh meal while enjoying the sea views.

Among its dishes you can try guacamole, tacos, salads, fajitas and everything accompanied by the freshest drinks.

3. Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery

This establishment has been active since 1997. Here you can enjoy both regional and international food. And one of its charms is undoubtedly its bakery. Not only do they bake bread every day, but they also make pastries and all kinds of cakes and pies that are ideal for those special celebrations. Don’t forget to try Lucy’s homemade ice cream.

4. Lol-Ha Restaurant

This is an informal snack-bar, where you will enjoy live music and a very varied menu. Their specialty is the Lol-Ha burger stuffed with poblano peppers and cheese and topped with avocado and bacon. Of course, accompanied by very cold drinks.

5. La Cueva del Pescador

Another of the restaurants that we recommend you visit from Glamping Akumal Natura is La Cueva del Pescador. It is located on Akumal Road and its specialty is Mexican, Caribbean and seafood cuisine. It also has a vegetarian option.