The experience of staying in a sustainable hotel

La experiencia de alojarse en un hotel sostenible

An ecological or eco-friendly hotel is one that has an infrastructure and services that respect the environment that surrounds them. This applies to each of the elements that make it up: architecture, food and activities. One of the main pillars that Akumal Natura is set in, is respect and devotion to nature, proposing it as a means of escape and balance between nature and glamour.

You will find yourself in a place where, among trees, water and pure air, you will enjoy an unbeatable getaway.

We believe that our leisure time should not compromise the state of our planet. Neither should it damage the natural habitat of the jungle in Akumal. That’s why, we are proud to say that Akumal Natura is an authentic off-the-grid, self-sufficient and eco-conscious property.

In addition to having our own compost system, each cabana, public restrooms and restaurant have their own subterranean eco-friendly bio-digester so no pollutants escape into the ground or water ways.

Our concept of a luxury tents in Akumal adapts to the terrain and resources of the land – we never take what we cannot give back.

The best environment where you can enjoy a few days of tranquility, relaxation and disconnection from day to day. Discover our best offers and do not miss this opportunity.

A universe of sensations at Akumal Natura!