The flexitarian diet that you can taste in our glamping

La dieta flexitariana que puedes probar en nuestro glamping

One of the best things about staying during your glamping vacation in Akumal Natura is that you can connect with nature without having to give up any of the comforts you can enjoy in a hotel. We work with a new concept of accommodation with which we want to help you reconnect with yourself through direct contact with nature. And we believe that food is a very important part of the experience.

In this sense, in our Namasté restaurant we have the collaboration of the Master Chef Ingrid Francisco who has been in charge of creating an international, eclectic and balanced cuisine proposal that allows us to play with many different types of flavors. Of course, using fresh and local products in all the dishes. Something that, without a doubt, will fit almost all tastes.

The excessive consumption of meat is one of the points that are being questioned today from many sectors today. It is a practice that sometimes threatens our own health. Especially if it focuses on red or processed meats, as it is related to diseases such as cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. But it is also harmful to the planet due to excess polluting emissions.
However, eating meat or fish at least twice a week helps us find the balance of protein we need. More and more people are opting for a flexitarian diet, based on the consumption of foods of plant origin that is supplemented from time to time with the consumption of meat or fish.

The menu of the Namasté restaurant at the Akumal glamping is very varied and healthy, as well as being adaptable to the particular needs of each person. We have a specific option for vegetarians. But among our “main dishes” there are also many fish options, especially salmon, either candied, orange or Wellintong. You cannot lose sight of the fact that fresh fish and shellfish are typical products of Akumal’s gastronomy, as is the case in much of the Riviera Maya.

We also have dishes of different types of meat such as chicken, cooked in different ways from grilled, in milanesa or our chicken in honey and paprika sauce. If you prefer, you can also try our beef burger made with homemade meat with a special recipe from Ingrid Francisco, which includes a slice of goat cheese and jam as well as French fries.

At Akumal Natural glamping we try to adapt all our services to the needs of our clients. We want your experience while you are staying with us to be as pleasant as possible in every way.