Glamping connects with nature in our facilities

Glamping connects with nature in our facilities

In all things in nature there is something wonderful. (Aristotle)
Imagine waking up in a comfortable bed in the middle of a room with a view of the jungle. A mosquito net protects you from insects while the fan rotates slowly. As background sound you can hear the voices of the animals. At Glamping Akumal Natura we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a restorative vacation so you can reconnect with nature and with yourself.

The life that most of us lead in cities is often artificial and fast-paced. Many times we lose our way and practically live to work and consume.

Stopping from time to time and getting away from the busy world helps us to understand that everything can be easier and to find balance. Connecting with nature is the best way to rediscover our own humanity.

At Glamping in Akumal we want to help you in this detoxification process, for this we have designed a new lodging experience in which you can connect with the environment and with yourself. Of course, without having to give up the comforts that you would find in any hotel. Our priority is your comfort.

We have fully equipped private rooms. Our reception service is open 24 hours. In our facilities there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy international cuisine made with fresh and local products by the hand of our Master Chef Ingrid Francisco. We put at your disposal bicycles so you can move around the jungle.

But our services go much further, we offer you everything from yoga classes to the possibility of living the magical experience of bathing in one of the two cenotes that we are lucky enough to have on our land. Our resident shaman can help you improve with his Mayan massage. He is also in charge of directing the Temazcal, a pre-Hispanic ritual that helps cleanse your body and spirit through the heat and vapors that envelop your body and mind. The benefits that he has go both physically and mentally, they are very evident because they help us cleanse ourselves of toxins.

Whether you decide to travel alone, as a couple or with a friend, Akumal Natura Glamping will become a safe space where you can experience healing, well-being and peace that will help you achieve happiness. We are waiting with open arms.