Our current way of life, immersed in noise and marked by speed, leaves us little room for reflection and has a negative impact on our mental well-being.
A retreat is a good opportunity to rediscover yourself and be able to reflect on such relevant aspects as the importance of leading a healthy and meaningful life.

At Akumal Natura we offer you the experience of the retreat “A LIGHT ON THE WAY” in a natural environment for a weekend where you can also stay in one of our cabins.

The structure, methodology and agenda of the retreat have been refined and improved with the aim of offering a contemporary view of the Buddhist philosophy of life and being of greater benefit; including a visit to our Environmental Management Unit Akumal Natura Rescue

LAMA SERKONG DORJEE CHANG RIMPOCHE will accompany you throughout your stay, instructing you in practices and teachings that will allow you to enhance analytical thinking with a calm and focused mind.

The learning experience in this retreat is complemented by a meal that is particularly well cared for by NAMATÉ Restaurant located in the same glamping. The breakfasts and lunches, included in this retreat, are prepared with a knowledge and mastery of cooking aimed at healthy eating.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive teachings from such a qualified and virtuous teacher.

Quotas are limited.

SEPTEMBER 23 – 26 /2022

PASS * 3 DAYS 3,300 MX (Includes activities of the day, breakfast and lunch, DOES NOT include lodging
RETREAT WITH ACCOMMODATION 3 NIGHTS AND 4 DAYS 11,950 MX for 2 people double room
Activities include meditations, talks, Lama blessings, Temazcal (limited seats)

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