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Akumal Natura Animals Rescue and cenotes

Our professional guides will take you through our Animal Rescue Centre and the picturesque cenote which are within walking distance


A Mayan Village situated 17km away from us. The lagoon is a natural habitat for fresh water crocodiles. If you dare you can practice “cage swimming”.

Yal-Ku Lagoon

Breath taking beauty where fresh and sea water merge creating a unique array of aquatic fauna making it a highly sought out snorkelling location.

Golf course nearby

Probably the best out of the three golf courses in the Riviera Maya, just a little over 2km away.

Turtle Reserve Bay

The Bay of Akumal is renowned for its beautiful beach and tours to see the turtles. We will gladly organize a tour for you.

Bird Watching Tour

The Yucatan Peninsula has hundreds of different bird species. Well worth raising early to go on an interesting tour with qualified ornithologists and specialized guides.


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