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Akumal Natura Rescue

Akuma Natura Rescue  is an Environmental Management Unid with more than 22 wild species we protect in Akumal


Our goal is to offer animals a safe environment where they feel safe, cared for and loved whilst providing a fun and educational experience which offers our guests valuable information about conservation of the environment.

The cenote on site is fully illuminated making swimming and diving an almost magical experience



We endeavour to protect and rescue wild fauna on site, using what biologists call “the three R’s” (rehabilitation, reproduction and reintegration) Although not all of them can be returned to the wild we are committed to keep persevering.

We have been very successful with our rehabilitating and reproduction programmes even though not all of them can be returned to the wild. Each and every one of the animals we care for is under the expert care of qualified veterinarians and biologists.

We have a variety of animals on site with an specific management plan in accordance to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

At Akumal Natura Rescue we also try to carry out an environmental education project so that you can learn in a fun, lasting and interesting way more about the animals that live there and with which guests can interact. Making it a fun experience for all the family.

Akumal Natura Rescue also offers interesting and educational lectures in botany given in an easy and anecdotal manner to make it a fun learning experience. Guests will learn about a local tree which produces a black poisonous resin and the tree which produces the antidote, the tree which resins becomes chewing gum and many more medicinal plants found in the Mayan jungle.

We have several species of Psittacidae (parrots) with which we carry out controlled (haking) release.

We also have Fruit trees which are pollinated by the bees in the the meliponary (Apiary of Mayan stingless bee) kept next to our small orchard.


The Cenote Tumben-Ha (Water of life in Maya) is within walking distance. The Cenote is an underground grotto which is fully illuminated so that you can admire the breath-taking beauty of its stalactites and stalagmites. Making it the perfect way to end this exciting adventure cooling off in the pristine medicinal waters of this amazing underground sinkhole.

We kindly ask you to wear only biodegradable mosquito repellent and suntan lotion, also we recommend wearing comfortable shoes, trainers or sandals and of course don’t forget your swimming costume!



Did you know honey produced by the Mayan bee is 10 times richer than the honey produced by the European or African bees?

Did you know that honey is only one of the many benefits we get from bees? Bees are vital in the process of pollination.

You will learn about pollination and bees when you visit us, and you will be able to learn more about their fascinating life cycle, watching them interact with one another, you will see firsthand just how essential they are in the process of pollination, without worrying about getting stung as they are stingless.

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